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COVID-19 Update – 11 August

We have reviewed our current restrictions on visitation. We have had discussions with senior management, staff and the residents and we are all of the view that as cases continue to be prevalent in the local areas we will continue to have temporary visitation limitations on visitors to our residents.

Only essential services and visitation to residents in a state of palliation will be permitted during this restriction period. These restrictions will be reviewed on August 20, 2020. We are following government directives to maintain vigilance whilst fighting this terrible pandemic. We will be holding a resident relative ‘zoom’ meeting to discuss any concerns on Monday 17th August at 4pm. A link to the meeting will be sent prior to resident’s nominated family member.

As indicated previously we have taken this action for the following reasons:

  • The daily increases in cases in Sydney
  • The cases in the Newcastle area
  • Reviewing the location of ‘hotspots’ to the north and south of our facility
  • The terrible and unfortunate situation in Victoria
  • The high number of our relatives who reside in the Sydney area
  • The high number of local relatives that work in the Sydney basin
  • The locality of the Newcastle cases to our facility
  • Discussion with our residents which indicated a high proportion would like to restrict visitation in the current climate

We deeply regret that we have taken this action, however given the volatility of the current situation we felt it was the best approach. With the number of suburbs that are added to the ‘hot spots’ list changing on a daily sometimes hourly basis, we feel that now is the right time to implement these changes on a temporary basis to try to be ahead of the curve in limiting exposure for our residents. By implementing this temporary measure it will allow us time to ascertain if the number of community transmitted infections has slowed. We will be reviewing this decision on a regular basis and continually monitor the evolving situation.

We are strongly advising our residents in care to cease excursions outside the facility except for urgent reasons such as medical appointments.

This action has been taken as we are committed to doing whatever is necessary to try to limit the possibility of COVID-19 from entering our facility.

If a resident begins the journey down a palliation pathway, the Facility Manager will consult with the resident, family and /or representative about visitation. Consideration will be given to cognitive abilities and the emotional state of the resident.

For all other family members, please be aware that to enable you to stay in touch with our residents you still have access to our Skype service -please contact our reception staff to make a booking.

I completely understand that this decision may cause distress to some family members. Please rest assured that this decision has only been made to ensure the safety of our residents and the daily news conferences from Victoria are a reminder of how contagious this virus is. With NSW recording its highest number of cases since April we feel now is the appropriate time for this restriction to remain in place.

We will be issuing regular updates via our website and Facebook page however if you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact either myself or our Facility Manager Anna Ross.

We thank you for your understanding.

Please stay safe,

Justin Dover

Chief Executive Officer