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Updated NSW Health Advice – 8 July 2021

The Premier of NSW and the NSW Department of Health have confirmed yesterday morning that the current state of lockdown in Greater Sydney (including the Central Coast) will be extended until Saturday 17 July:
“Until further notice the Chief Health Officer advises the following:

Facilities located in Greater Sydney (including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour) must:

• exclude all visitors, except those providing essential caring functions and end of life visits

• ensure that all staff and essential care visitors wear a surgical mask. For reasons when masks can be removed please see Additional Advice. All essential visits must be in the residents room

• ensure that residents are provided with appropriate PPE and infection control advice if they need to leave the facility for essential purposes.

There are new close and casual contact locations in Greater Sydney.
There are current locations of interest in New Zealand,
Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory are considered affected areas and there are new close and casual contact places of high concern. To view locations please see here.
This information can change rapidly so please check the web at least daily for updates.


• Residents from facilities in Greater Sydney should avoid leaving the facility except for essential reasons (e.g. medical appointments).

• Residents of facilities located in the rest of NSW should not enter Greater Sydney, except for essential reasons and if so, they should wear a mask.

• Residents in facilities located in the rest of NSW should not attend a gathering with anyone present who has been in the Greater Sydney area since June 21.”

Please check the NSW Department of Health website for information: